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Qazi is the story of a young Pakistani refugee who is forced by economic and family circumstances to seek his fortune in Europe. As a rickshaw driver he has limited skills but winds up in Germany driving tourists around town in a bicycle rickshaw and selling flowers to anyone. After his arrival in Germany, he applies for asylum but is rejected. Misfortune never comes singly, and Qazi finds out that his mother is need of a kidney operation. The family needs money and Qazi, being in Europe, is expected to raise it. But he doesn’t know how.


Directed by Anil Fastenau
Jakob Gehrmann

Written by Anil Fastenau
Jaswinder Singh
Jakob Gehrmann

Produced by Anil Fastenau
Jakob Gehrmann

Cast Anil Fastenau
Nargis Yaqoob
Amber Malik
Kleber Valim
Raymond Toh
Hermon Mengsteab
Sven Gey
Hanna Werth
Erwin Geisler
Leo Rupin
Taisiya Schumacher

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