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A censor board preview screening starts changing the concept of time around the theatre, sending a bunch of men into a world of chaos.
At a preview theatre, a young filmmaker waits in the hope of getting his new sci-fi drama certified with 'no cuts' by the conservative men of the Indian Censor Board. The board finds a particular kissing scene in the film beyond the duration stipulated by official, orthodox rules. As the filmmaker and board members argue over the length of the kiss, the laws of physics disintegrate around them.


Directed by Varun Grover

Written by Varun Grover

Production Company Newton Cinema
Odd & Even Pictures

Produced by Sanita Chittilappilly
Anto Chittilappilly
Arya Menon
Shubham Karna

Cast Adarsh Gourav - Sam / Young Sam
Swanand Kirkire - Salil Abid & Young Salil
Shubhrajyoti Barat - Ramesh Chauhan
Chetan Sharma - Rehan Aslam
Ashwath Bhatt - Projectionist

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