Taap - About Mercury Rolling Down The Bodies

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Inside an old hammam, now set up as a spa, an elderly masseuse, Avani, reflects her long gone brother on Shantanu. In the interior of the hammam, Shantanu finds comfort in Huzaifa’s arms. Their bare bodies shine and glimmer in the sunlight and steam haze. But Huzaifa has to leave soon, the aroma of the spa has started suffocating him. Shantanu is left craving for his touch. As a sense of touch lingers through all of their bodies, the purple light reflects on the hot spring water and Shantanu's flower painted body dances to a mythical story of a chameleon.


Directed by Soumyajit Ghosh Dastidar

Written by Soumyajit Ghosh Dastidar

Production Company Film and Television Institute of India

Cast Meenacshi Martins
Shantanu Gosavi and Akshaykumar Mande

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